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About Agroseal Ltd

Agroseal Limited is a commodity trading company that empowers  fruits and vegetable small holder farmers through innovation and technology to gain reliable and constant access to higher end market to increase incomes levels and reduce poverty

Our impact


Agroseal Ghana contributes to addressing SDG 1 Limited improves livelihood empowerment for small holder Farmers to meet quality production standards.

Agroseal Ghana Limited is promoting full and productive employment for all in our farming communities

We are solving Zero Hunger by ensuring sustainable  food security in fruits and vegetables in sub- sector.

 we are providing training in improved post-  harvest loss treatment technologies for small holder farmers.

We advocate for for equal access to land and community resources for youth, girls and women.

 We train small holder farmers on best farming practices (environmentally friendly) especially on appropriate application of agrochemicals eradicating its adverse effect on  climate change.


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